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Gloria Swanson - STAR

I am big, it's the pictures that got small

6/12/10 12:41 am - floralcigarette

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2/11/10 11:46 am - kissfan32 - DVD

This DVD Contains:

Why Change Your Wife ? - 1920
Manhandled - 1924

This company also put out DVDs of Clara Bow,Louise Brooks,Mary Pickford and Lon Chaney. Anyway,they are at amazon.com

10/14/09 10:13 am - kissfan32 - stuff to buy


Found some Gloria Swanson items. 

3/27/09 11:10 am - milesadrift - Gloria Swanson Birthday Tribute

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Today is Gloria's birthday and I posted a large birthday tribute in my journal with photos throughout her life, video clips, trivia, and quotes. I thought I'd share it here in case anyone wanted to see it.

Beware that the post is VERY image heavy! I hope you enjoy it!

Find it here!

1/5/09 07:02 pm - milesadrift - icons

I make tons of Gloria icons which you can find over at tinselcity Here are a few:

more at tinselcity older posts are locked.

Also, I wish this place was more active! I thought about maybe making another community for her that I would update regulary but I don't know yet.

8/11/08 09:01 pm - babygumm - icons


4/14/08 08:08 pm - babygumm

Hello Gloria fans! So I've only been a Gloria fan for a month or so, I'm reading her autobio for the past few days actually, I LOVE IT. Anyway, I was wondering if you all could tell me which Gloria film I should see first. The only film I have of hers is Sunset Blvd. and I am wanting to see some of her silents. Anyway, here are the ones available on Netflix:

Don't Change Your Husband
Male and Female
Why Change Your Wife?
The Affairs of Anatol
Queen Kelly(i was leaning toward this)
Tonight or Never

I will eventually see them all I was just wondering what you all would reccommend to me which one to see first? Thanks!

2/13/08 02:09 pm - kissfan32 - another pic.


10/20/07 05:23 am - kissfan32 - Pics

8/28/07 05:27 am - kissfan32 - Manhandled

Anyone going to this?
AUGUST 30 at 8pm  at the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles

Gloria Swanson in

"When you put them all together and add them up, Gloria Swanson comes out the movie star of all movie stars," observed Cecil B. DeMille. The ultimate silent siren and glamour queen, Swanson was the natural choice to play Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder’s SUNSET BOULEVARD. While Swanson may be famous for her incredible outfits and melodramatic movie roles, MANHANDLED, her first film for director Alan Dwan, is a great introduction to her talents as a comedienne. In this romantic comedy, Swanson plays a department store clerk with a talent for impersonations, including a hilarious and surprising turn as Chaplin. 


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